Naturally Millie Ma Foot Cream
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Naturally Millie Ma Foot Cream

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Rich Foot Cream, full of Tasmanian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tasmanian Organic Hemp Oil and Raw Manuka Honey (that is sourced from deep in the native Tasmanian forest) and a generous amount of both Organic Shea Butter and Organic Cocoa Butter. The natural blend of Peppermint Oil , Lavender Essential Oil and Australian Tea Tree Oil is perfect for smelly and tired feet. Also rich in antioxidants from Olive Leaf extract, Kakadu Plum Extract and the medicinal properties of Tasmanian Raw Manuka Honey.

Listed are wonderful properties of this foot cream:

Tasmanian Organic Hemp Oil – known to energize and reguvenate skin
Tasmanian Olive Oil – full of vitamin E and antixodants
Organic Shea and Cocoa Butters – nourish and moisturise your dry skin
Olive Leaf Extract- high in antixodants
Peppermint Oil – known to help smelly odorous feet
Lavender Oil – Relax and soothe tired feet
Australian Tea Tree Oil – helps rid any bacteria on your feet
Kakadu Plum – Full of highest concentration of Vitamin C in the world
Tasmanian Spring Water – clean pure fresh water
Paraben and Formaldehyde free
Tasmanian Manuka Honey – collected from the World Heritage area NW Tasmania
This foot cream is a perfect addition to your foot care routine.

This is a totally original Naturally Millie Ma product.



Caution – please take caution with Peppermint Oil if you are pregnant. Seek medical advice if necessary.

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